I will help you reconnect with your power, bring your true self out to play and support you in creating the life of purpose, fulfillment and impact you're meant to be experiencing

Meet Alain

I am passionate about performance! I work with high achieving leaders who feel called to take their lives to new levels. My clients are courageous and willing to face their shadow head on. They are ready to do the work that will re-create their life to one that's in alignment with who they REALLY are! Is this your time to step up?


"Alain has pushed me to a new and profound awareness of myself. He is brave enough to tell me when something isn't working but does so without tearing me down. He has identified those weaknesses of mine with respect and has encouraged me to face my challenges head on with a solid plan of action. I know my path to a greater sense of purpose, thanks to Alain" -  G.E.

"I REALLY enjoyed Alain's coaching. He is super intuitive and adept and broadening his perspective, which is needed to reflect our innermost thoughts and feelings. He listens very well with a supportive and unbiased ear, then asks questions that help clarify things intently and profoundly! His coaching led me to massive realizations which led to deep healing."  - K.U.